Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yummo Style: Scarves

Jessica Alba frequently boosts here style with a stylish scarf.
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Fall is probably my favorite season. Living in New England Fall provides beautiful scenery, crisp cool weather and fun fashion. And guess what people??? Fall is just around the corner! One of my favorite accent pieces for fall are scarves.  This little piece of material can dress up any casual outfit and give you a cool chic look.  I tend to wear mine with jeans and white tee or to add a pop of color to any outfit that is slightly bland. 

Now that I got you all excited about this inexpensive trend please remember there are some RULES about wearing scarves. To help us out, I found these tips helpful from
  1. If your scarf has print, your shirt should not.
  2. If your shirt has print, your scarf should not. Yes I know this seems redundant, but for some reason, people think that mixing ALL prints is necessary and sometimes, it’s best to just leave it alone.
  3. Busy earrings and neck jewelry are a no go while wearing a silk scarf. Opt for simple studs instead and let your scarf speak for itself.
I also found this GREAT YouTube video on different ways you can wear a scarf by Eileen Fisher. I guess I will need to up my game on how to wear this stylish trend!

Don't know where to go to get these stylish accessories? Here are some websites that can help you nab the right style for you!