Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jean Therapy

Alright folks after going through my closet this weekend and creating a large Goodwill/ Swapification bag (more about that to come) I have narrowed down my clothes to mostly staple items. In my opinion, this is where the bulk of your shopping budget should go, on classic staples that will last you more than one or two seasons. TAnd believe it or not, fronting the money on these items will actually save you money in the long run. Once you have invested in  some of these quality pieces you can accessorize them to create the look you are wanting. Some staple pieces include, a little black dress, black pencil skirt, good trouser, button down shirt, blazer and jeans. Jeans can be tricky for some as there are so many different styles such as: flared, straight leg, slim fit, boyfriend, and the list goes on!  All of these styles can be slightly overwhelming to the average shopper, so my goal is to help you understand your body type and what style of jeans look best on your body.
 First lets go over some basics about jean shopping:

1)Never get high waisted jeans (above belly button) & especially that taper. This  1980's Mom look is NOT COOL no matter what anyone says.  And NO your bum does not look good in these, actually it looks like a  long pancake.
2) Don't by light, light blue or acid wash...unless you are in your 20's, a size zero, and making a fashion statement... just stay away.
3) Buy jeans that actually fit. Don't care about the size, every store runs different anyway. Remember: If you squeeze you're NOT aiming to please! Muffin top is NOT an attractive thing.

SO don’t fret people…jean shopping could actually be fun for once! It’s all about understanding what looks best for your body type.
First you need to evaluate your shape in the mirror…and don’t lie, trust me your not doing yourself any favors. Harsh, I know but this is a time to be honest about how you look, because once you embrace it you can dress to make your body look its best! Trust me the right jean will make you look 10lbs thinner. How great is that? SO, what shape are you?


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 Now once you understand what shape you are let’s look at what style of jean works for you.  I have created this chart to help you along. There are many styles of jeans that I have not included, but this is at least a start. Once you know the basic style of jean will look good, it will help determine what looks best!

Here are some of my favorite brands: True Religion, Levis, 7 for All Man Kind, Diesel, Joe Jeans, Paper Denim, Lucky Brand, Citizens of Humanity & Paige.

(Catherine Zeta- Jones)
Large bust, broad shoulders less defined waist and narrow hips! Ahem...Eyes up here please!  
Pear:  (Jennifer Lopez)

 Itty bitty top, with a voluptuous voom!
Hour Glass: (Jessica Rabbit)
Girl you got it going on!  Broad on top, itty bitty waist and some good birthing hips!
Rectangle: (Cameron Diaz)
One straight line down with no curves. Undefined waist, narrow hips, small bust.
I am betting you never look bad in a bikini...

Plus size: (Melissa McCarthy)
Voluptuous all over.

Curves to make the boys drool!
Great wide leg or trouser pant will do with a clean front.  (This will even out your body shape line.)

Try for lighter denim as well to draw attention to your slim bottom.
 High-rise to cover your bum and lengthen your legs.

Boot cut, Flared, or straight (the narrowest you should go)

Try for dark denim as well, to highlight your petite top.

Wide leg, boot cut, skinny, straight… basically anything goes. 
 You can wear dark or light denim. Go WILD!
Straight fit jean with slight flare,Skinny jean with larger back pockets with design to create some curves,  & boot cut.  

Basically look for any embellishment around your booty or hips  that creates an illusion of curves.

You are also probably one of the few that can get away with the boyfriend jeans as well (jealous!).
Boot cut this minimizes the hips by creating an even silhouette from top to bottom

You can wear skinny jeans! Just make sure they are high waist
Dark wash denim will make you appear your slimmest.

 Help from:, Lucky Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine

 I hope this helps and that you can embrace jean shopping and not fear it, because when you look good you feel good. Happy shopping!