Monday, May 7, 2012

Kitchen Renovation

Yep this is my kitchen right now and yes my husband is wearing a pink shirt and  yes this is why  I haven't been blogging. As some of you may or may not know we are in the middle of a Kitchen Renovation and let me tell you it has been quite the learning experience in more ways than one.

First lesson: Never trust the time estimate a contractor gives you. It will always take double the amount of time and money.

Second lesson: I know this is not "Green", but after the 10th dish washed in my bathroom sink next to the toilet...I decided to go paper and plastic. The earth can deal for all I care at this point.

Third Lesson: You you will always love your partner, but you may not like them at times during a renovation.

Fourth Lesson: Always higher a plumber.

Fifth Lesson: No matter how organized you are you will still feel unorganized.

Sixth Lesson: Budget for eating out for almost every meal and gaining back all the weight you lost.

Seventh Lesson: When the contractor says "Trust me it will look beautiful" don't trust them and have them sign a contract.

Eigtht Lesson: You will never be able to clean all the dust.

Ninth Lesson: Keep your receipts from Home Depot & won't use half the stuff you buy.

Tenth Lesson:  HGTV lies, it's never "that easy."

Cheers! :)

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