Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pizza Night!

Growing up it was known in the Ventura household that Friday night was Pizza Night!!! My parents moved us from Long Island, NY to Orono, Maine finding good pizza that stood up to New York's' was difficult to find. Therefore, my mom used to make her own crust (Gasp! This was before store bought dough was readily available)  and made two pizzas in cookie sheet pans. I still remember hearing the hum of the electric mixer, seeing the orange mixing bowl on the counter she would use to let the dough rise and fighting over the corner pieces with my sisters. Fast forward 20 plus years (ahem!)  to 2012 and pre-made pizza dough is readily available and easily found in any super market. You can even find healthy versions such as my personal favorite, whole wheat. I wanted to keep the tradition alive of having pizza night one night a week, but being the 9-5 working woman that I am I can't/ won't find the time to make my own dough. So if we are not ordering from one of the fabulous pizza joints here in Boston, I enjoy whipping one up myself with store bought  whole wheat pizza dough (sorry mom!). I have done the math and in pretty much the same amount of time it takes to order a pizza and have it delivered to your doorstep you can make one yourself with probably half the fat and grease. Tonight I used Hannaford's  whole wheat pizza dough and marinara sauce,  feta cheese, mozzarella,  red pepper, onion, sliced tomato and of course pepperoni (god forbid we have a meatless dish one night).  I topped it off with freshly cut basil I have been growing and served it with a pecan, craisins, feta and spinach salad.  A sinful meal, but with half the sin. 

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