Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yummo Style

This was a GNO 4 years ago before JT concert. Cute top, great hair/make up and good accessories.

The Problem:

I have found myself in a serious fashion rut. I have been in this rut for the past couple of years and I believe it's largely due to me working from home, being settled with my man and learning that paying off a rather large credit card bill from weekend shopping is NOT COOL. I miss being fashionable (please read in an obnoxious whiney girl voice). I live in Boston and I see all these 20's something girls wearing the latest trends, while the 30's something women are showing off their latest designer bags (because they finally can afford them) and 40 year olds looking polished and put together as ever. I am envious of these women and I finally have the strength to admit I was once a fashion vixen, but now I’m a fashion victim *sigh*. I guess admitting is half the battle, right?


The History:

Let's see a few years back I would not be caught dead leaving the comforts of my home without at least being in designer jeans, flattering top and a designer bag with matching sunglasses. Oh boy, how times have changed! Sadly my current daily wear consists of either my cut off cameo shorts (that have some paint stains on them) or black stretchy pants with a tank top that I may or may not have worn for the second day in a row. J And you know what the REALLY sad part is? I actually have different black stretchy pants for different occasions! I have casual BSP’s (black stretchy pants)  for in the house and lounging, BSP’s that make my bum look good and I strongly believe make me look hot (seriously Pam?) and the designer Lulu Lemon ones that I think just because they cost a fortune it's ok to wear them on a Saturday night to a local bar. (Oh My!)

The solution:

So I am determined to find a balance between my fashion and financial status so welcome Yummo Style. I am determined to get back into my fashionista self without racking up the credit card bill and I want to share all my findings with you! Think of this as an I help you, you help me. I help you by sharing what I find for deals and steals / styles and trends and I am forced to get my act together and become that fashionable girl I once was and gain that confidence back I once had.  I don’t care what they say… when you look good, you feel good.

I think I will start by going through my closet this weekend so I know what I am working with…eeek…to be continued…


  1. When I look in my closet, I realize how silly I was buying far more clothing than I needed. I'm making much wiser choices these days.

    1. Agreed. I think this is important to buy classic pieces that you can dress up or down & last you for years. This is where the money should be spent!

  2. LOL totally cracking up at this post! Mostly because I remember my own hot outfit for this same concert and wearing high wedges and realized sadly that I don't think I have worn even a slightly heeled sandal yet this summer AND I found myself in the grocery store wearing CROCS last week! The horror!

    1. This is what I am talking about finding balance between something that is easy & comfy but stylish too! We will make a come back Kim have faith! Ha!

  3. Looks like a blast! Thank you for being a part of our blog hop today!