Friday, February 24, 2012

Chicken Broccoli and Ziti

This recipe I got from my friend and fabulous hairstylist.  It sounded so hearty and delicious that I had to try it for my next "family dinner" night with my husband and friends.  This dish was so delish that I jumped up and down with delight when I had my first taste. This is a MUST DO!  Thanks Nicole and I am so excited to try more of your yummy dinnahs!

(sorry I don't have a photo, I was so excited about it I forgot to take a picture!)

3 cloves of garlic finely chopped
Chopped medium onion
1 tsp Fresh Basil
Salt and pepper
2 lbs of chicken breast (cut up in chunks and dredged in flour, browns & sears the meat)
Large head of Broccoli, cut 
Optional :1 lb of sausage (casing removed)
1 lb of ziti
Approx Chicken stock (1 to 1 1/2 cans (15oz))
Approx Quarter bottle of a dry white wine
Approx 2cups Grated Parmesan cheese

In bottom of big pot drizzle EVOO. Once heated drop in the onions and garlic so onions are translucent. Add you Salt and pepper and basil. Meanwhile get the water for your pasta going (don't forget to salt the boiling water! Its your one chance to flavor the pasta)!  Add your chunks of chicken dredged in flour into the EVOO, onions and garlic, making sure there is enough room in the pot for all chunks.  Let them brown evenly on all sides. (Optional: You can add sausage here if you have enough room in pot. Otherwise cook in other pan and add with the stock).  Add your chicken stock and wine...this you will need to eyeball as this liquid is what the Broccoli will wilt in. Keep in mind some liquid will cook off. Once wilted some start adding the naughty...the Parmesan cheese. Add in increments and stir. I believe it was about 2 cups...but taste as you go! :)  Once your pasta is done serve either mixed together or separately along with some yummy bread! Enjoy!

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