Saturday, February 18, 2012


It's time I introduced Diesel to this blog...clearly he is not a recipe nor an ingredient,  but he is a big supporter of my cooking and a great helper with clean up (licking the floors). Diesel is a 6 year old Puggle (Pug and Beagle mix) that has run my show since the day I bought him and I have loved every minute of it (well almost every minute). So to add some more flavor to this blog, here is my first post about Diesel the Puggle.

This is a big naughty in our house. We bought a new couch (which of course I picked out and begged my husband for) and it is the ultimate, coziest, comfiest couch in the planet. Anyone that has come to our place can vouch for that. The minute you sit down you are sucked in and all of a sudden even the idea of moving around or getting motivated to do something becomes a foreign concept.  This ultimate, cozy, comfy couch came at a price though and in my negotiating with my husband I promised if we got this couch, the dog, Diesel, would not be allowed on it. We have had the couch for about  six months now and I held true to my promise until about a two months ago when while working from home I walked past the living room and saw Diesel for the first time on the couch sun beaming down on him. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him, he whipped up his head from his blissful sleep and looked at me back with "oh no she caught me being naughty" look that only dogs can do. Little did I know  that was a turning point for the couch enforcement as I just continued to walk by like I didn't notice. And now ever since Diesel had a taste of the ultimate, cozy, comfy couch he can't stop himself from jumping up! So frequently I catch him on days like this following the sun around the couch, sleeping  in the ultimate coziest comfiest bliss.  We both know its wrong but I turn my head and don't peep a word to my husband. Its our dirty little secret.

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  1. Deez should be considered an ingredient... anyone with half a brian could just 'eat him up'!